First meeting of the Farndale Parish Council – 05/06/2018

Dear Residents

As you may know, the two parishes of Farndale East and Farndale West have now come under a Grouping Order from Ryedale District Council as of 23 May 2018.

We held the first meeting of the new Parish Council on Tuesday 29 May 2018. We have ten Councillors to cover Farndale. It was a lively meeting, and in the AoB section, which is for residents to speak, we received comments on a number of issues from gritting and road edge degeneration to Emergency Services Network Mast (planning application) and fly-tipping.
Dave Mead was elected Parish Clerk, Ken Wilson as Vice-Chair and myself as Chair. This arrangement will exist until May 2019 when local government elections will take place. At that time, anyone within the Parish boundaries – or within three miles of the boundary – for the previous 12 months – will be eligible to stand for election to the Parish Council.

The next meeting will be on 25 September 2018 , so that the Fandale Show will have as much support as it can get throughout August.

All issues raised by the residents there present have been now been addressed to the Bank, District and Council departments and to our MP – as appropriate.

The Councillors are
Brian Aconley
Ken Wilson Vice Chair
Tony Stevenson
Mark Little
Dave Mead Parish Clerk
Shelley Nelson Secretary
Dave Bentley
Denis Wilson
Bernie Moss
Stuart Nelson Chair

We do not as yet have our own website, but a specific area on a Cloud website will be used to allow everyone to see the Council documents (MoM, accounts, Planning, Correspondence) until such time as our own website is up and running.

In a first effort to ensure our compliance with the Transparency Code, these MoM are being sent out to all residents, for whom we have an email address. In some cases, we have no email address for some households. If you can pass on the email address of anyone you know who has not received the MoM, we would very much appreciate your fhelp so that we can communicate to as many as possible in the dale.
If you do NOT wish to receive emails from FPC, please let us know as soon as possible.

The Parish Council exists to be the first level of government and to serve the residents of the dale. We are already well supported in Ryedale; in NYCC and in Westminster, and I encourage everyone to be proactive so that we really can do as much as possible for our community. I echo the words of the late, great Harold Dobson who used to say ‘Farndale – Greatest of all of Yorkshire’s great dales”