Fly tipping – 31/05/18

Dear Val, Janet and Kevin

I would like to raise once again an issue which re-surfaced this morning in Farndale. It was discussed at our inaugural FPC meeting on Tuesday. Fly-tipping.
A lot of waste has been fly-tipped overnight on the roadside by Woodstock. It will have to be specially cleared by RDC. Another burden on the already beleaguered council funds.

I know there are people who invite builders to let them have their waste – for a fee – and will dispose of it for them – no questions asked. If – as I have seen – the waste contains building materials and especially asbestos – then the HWRC’s such as that at Wombleton – will not take it. They will not allow a trailer or van onto the site but they charge the builders sometimes exorbitant fees. There is clearly an incentive for the less scrupulous to get rid of their waste in the dead of night, in quiet areas, of which our National Park has many.

NYCC outsourced the HWRC’s some years ago, and overnight they became less accommodating to people and especially those with trailers and with building waste. A minimum charge was levied against even a single piece of plasterboard in my case. The new regime of ‘Yorwaste’ is more helpful, but the sites still close earlier than they used to, and they still restrict access and levy charges. The small business which needs to maintain competitiveness is in fact incentivised to go elsewhere to dispose of the waste by fly-tipping. They will rarely be found and prosecuted, so I believe the incentive should work in the opposite manner. Sorted waste can have a value. Perhaps someone could look into the value of waste material and make a cost-benefit analysis of the costs of clearing fly-tipping with the sale of the waste, and perhaps even pay people for disposal. Such schemes are already at work in California. People are paid to take their waste to the sites. Some ‘dechetteries’ in France work similar schemes.

We simply want a cleaner countryside.

Please – will you take this up in District Council; in County Council and inThe House?