Mast – 31/05/18

Dear Shirley-Ann

As promised at the Parish Council Meeting, I have trawled the internet looking for papers on health risks from microwave masts. I have kept an open mind with a view to getting a clear view.

I think I have read through synopses on about 30 journals, papers and newspaper articles. Some have – to say the least – dubious medical or even professional substance. Some are clearly biased against the mobile phone companies (especially the case in the French and Spanish papers). However, there are some very well documented papers comparing cancer/leukemia/pregnancy risks for groups living close to high power microwave sources and those living far from them.

The best synopsis that I have seen and as far as I can make out, as unbiased a review as I can find, is in The Guardian. It compares studies made by various bodies which I feel are reputable, (e.g. the British Medical Journal).

It makes for interesting reading. I shall not lead you by telling you my opinion, but let you make up your own mind. I hope this helps.

Here is the link.