RDC Web – 05/06/18

Dear RDC Web

Rydedale District Council has recently grouped the Farndale West Parish Meeting and Farndale East Parish Council into one new entity – FARNDALE PARISH COUNCIL (FPC).
This Grouping Order was made effective by Anthony Winship on 23 May 2018.

Our new Parish Council will need to comply with the Transparency Code, and make MoM, forms, letters and accounts available to our residents and to local government.
As no precept has ever been levied for the provision of such a website, I am writing to you as Chair of the newly formed FPC to ask if we can use the RDC platform to host our site, as I can see other Parishes are currently doing.

I shall be very soon setting off on a very long expedition (walking to Rome from Farndale), and so I would very much appreciate your earliest response.